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Conflict: An Heir  A dragon Mpreg Romance Novel 
Blurb:  The Crown Prince of Byndra, the planet of the dragons, is about to come of age. The royal city is abuzz with the news.
It is the time for the Moon Festival Célébration de Luna, la déEsse de la lune, Celebration of Luna the moon Goddess.
And with the celebration comes deceit and dishonor. A beloved son finds out a mother hates him. A beloved Father wants to tell his son of his real mother, but at the moment nothing can be done.
There are spies, evildoers in their midst. They threaten to take the very life out of the Royal Byndraian palace.
In the midst of all this, a mysterious spacecraft crashes on the planet and a human finds love for the first time. A love he thought he would never have. And now that he has found it, he trusts his lover to help them keep it.

Read the Mpreg Conflict: An Heir to find out if all the twists and plots can be ironed out before all is lost and love is never found.

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