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30 ways to deal with Writer's Block

30 Ways to deal with Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is not a literature but a psychological problem, because the person who coined the term, Edmund Bergler, once said, “A writer is like a psychoanalyst.” So we are all psycho as per the researcher. He explains it as “neurotic inhibitions of productivity.”
It is not only you facing it. Every author enjoys this time at least once in his career. Big universities have done research for it over the decades. Some are still investigating. So think how BIG this problem is. And feel Glad! We authors never mess up with small troubles.
Enjoy! Because not everyone in the world faces this time. YOU are the author.

1.Stop writing. Trust me, stop writing. Don’t force yourself to write ahead. Just close the laptop/notepad and slide it away.
2.Close your eyes and think on what you have written so far. Make a movie of your writing. You will see ample plots to add to your story. 3.Jump over to another place. If you are not getting how to close a chapter, th…